My mother was born and raised a Catholic, so we don’t quite see eye to eye on religious matters. But she respects me, has supported me through good times and bad, and fully backs my aspirations to become a writer. My stepfather is my rock and the person who I feel I can be the most open with. He’s a pretty inspiring character who excels at whatever he turns his hand to, be it computing, finance, politics, economics… you name it.
However, regardless of how close I am to any family member, there’s no way I would tell them I work as an escort for the very same reasons I hide the truth from my friends. Keeping my personal life and work separate is really important to me. If anything, my family would be the last to know. It’s one thing for a mate at university to get the full lowdown on the nitty gritty of life as a sex worker but completely another for a mother—who has nursed me to sleep like a baby, kissed me proudly as I started my first day at school, and supported me through every one of life’s ups and downs—to hear all about it.
What does a typical day look like for you?
Let’s say it’s a Thursday. I have school every day except Friday at the moment because I am in my final year of university. I lug my heavy bag laden with novels, notes, and my laptop onto the subway and discretely sneak into the lecture hall if I am late, which I often am. While my professor effusively assesses the passionate love poetry of Pablo Neruda, I can’t help but inwardly smile as I reflect on the irony of the conflict between my work and my education.
Once my lectures are done, I go home and get ready for work. My shift officially runs from six to twelve, which means that the first client I will see will be at six, and the last can be as late as twelve. That’s why I don’t typically get home until one or two in the morning; it really depends on where my client lives and what he wants to do. I actually like working on the same nights I have school because it keeps me free at the weekend.
Let’s say tonight’s client wants to meet for dinner at 7:00 pm. The agency’s driver will pick me up at around 6:30 pm. I’ll dress up for the occasion in something tight fitting but reflective of my personal style. The agency I work for encourages us to dress so that we’re comfortable because this means we’re more likely to be relaxed and give the client a better experience. Of course, some things are not allowed, such as casual clothing or outfits that are unflattering.
There’s an unspoken protocol when I arrive at the client’s apartment. I will greet him with a kiss and then excuse myself to visit the bathroom. On the way to the loo, I will discretely pick up the envelope that he has left for me on the hall table; this will contain his payment. Once in the bathroom, I will call the agency driver to let him know that I am safe, have received the payment, and when to pick me up.
The client and I will now go out for dinner. Although I am unwavering in my commitment to keep my work and personal life separate, my personae at dinner is not really too different from who I am. At heart, I am still a 22-year-old student who loves sushi. Tonight I am with a client I have met several times before, so I am comfortable discussing sensitive topics with him, such as religion and politics. However, on the whole, the agency dissuades us from engaging in certain conversations until we actually know a client because there’s a risk you could offend him. It’s much better to let the client talk and get to know him better before instigating any heavy conversations.
The majority of my clients want to get to know me better, so they’ll as a lot of questions. While I’ll typically be real when it comes to my opinions, I lie about specifics, such as where I live, etc. The client and escort never touch each other in public. To an outsider, it probably looks like the guy is catching up with a friend’s daughter or something similar.
When we’ve finished dinner, we’ll go back to his apartment and have a glass of wine. I always wait for the client to make the first move. The majority of them want to feel like they are in control of the encounter and because I am petite and young I can play the part of the submissive quite well. The majority of my clients have quite simple needs. They’re happy with intimacy with an attractive naked women. Of course, there are also those who get off on what society may perceive to be more obscure sexual acts. Some guys like to be peed on and dominated, others like dildos, flagellation, or choking… I’ve tried many things. Whatever the client wants, it’s a matter of consent; he simply has to ask my permission first. He has to be open about what he wants; I’m not a mind reader.
Once the client has finished getting what he wants, we’ll shower separately before relaxing on the bed for a while. Quite often, we’ll end up discussing the client’s work week in a thinly disguised request for a massage. I’ll straddle him and get stuck into kneading his back. I’m no masseur, but I never get any complaints.
The driver will call at the pre-arranged time, and I’ll kiss the client goodbye promising to let him choose where we dine next week.
What do you enjoy the most about your work? What do you like the least?
The best thing about what I do is the instant gratification that I get in so many ways: the cash payment, the open compliments, and the gratuitous sex, which comes without strings and any emotional expectations.
The worst thing is undoubtedly trying to juggle all my commitments. Both my university and work life are mentally stimulating, so sometimes it can be pretty exhausting trying to keep everything together.
What type of relationships do you establish with the men who use your services? Do you develop ongoing relationships or are they one-off meetings?
I develop an ongoing relationship with every one of my clients; this makes the experience much more productive. Developing a relationship is exactly like how you would get to know anybody you meet, be it a potential friend or boyfriend. All of my clients are aged between 30 and 60 and are very successful men in their professional lives, although some of them lack social skills.

In many ways, I give them a much-needed break. They are all discontented to some degree or another, and they are seeking the services of an escort to escape reality for a while. It could be that they are stressed, tired of relationships that don’t work out, or disappointed with themselves in some way, shape or form, but they come to the agency seeking respite. When they are with me, they can be themselves, even if they would otherwise be closed books with everyone they meet. I don’t currently have any married clients, but two of them are divorced. I rarely encounter any difficult silences when I am with my clients. Although the majority of them are quiet at first, I tend to talk over any awkward breaks in conversation or ask them an open question that I am confident will spark a response. In some ways, I act very much like a therapist or confessional priest. The nature of my relationship with my clients is completely transparent; as such, they tend to find it easy to open up to me. They typically try to get as much as they can out of the transaction, and who would blame them for that?
Have you ever felt attracted to one of your clients? If so, did it impact the quality of your work?
I purposely ensure that I am never attracted to a client. To develop an interest with one of the guys I see would be completely unprofessional. To be honest, the sex is only good for them because I approach it in a professional capacity. I give myself to them completely in a way I wouldn’t if I was seeking some type of personal gratification from the experience.
Also, like most girls my age, I can degenerate into a blabbering idiot around men I find attractive, so it’s highly unlikely they’d be attracted to me to the same extent if I were harboring feelings.
What misconceptions about escorts do you commonly encounter?
People tend to have three perceptions of escorts: that they are some kind of victims, that they are drug addicts, and that they are magnificent in bed. Personally, I’m none of those things.
Am I a victim?
I started working as an escort because I was interested in sex. Granted, my curiosity in this area is not particularly common, and some people may find it repulsive; but, I guess, if there were any good reason to become an escort, curiosity would certainly be one of them. I am completely at ease with who I am and am certainly not using sex to boost my self-esteem or as a means of validating my existence.
Do I take drugs?
Never. I have no interest in drugs. I have seen too many of my friends lose themselves to drugs ever to want to go down that route.

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